Thursday, July 14, 2011

How Nadia Mazlan means to me..


Started my final sem without Nadia Mazlan.. I don't know how to describe my feeling right now. I was big lost when she were not around. Even we walk together only two sem, but she give's me a lot of means.. I love her as a friend. She's the only one who always accompany me. Eating, fb-ing, gossipping, loughing, assignment-ing, presenting.. Nadia, now I know how your feel's when me not around. You walk, eat, climb Batu Caves and do anything - ALONE. I know you more stronger than me..

First day climbing Batu Caves, I just imagine she by my side. But she was not around. She now has her own life, new environment, no more quizes, no more test, no more assignment, no more carry mark, no more final test, no more Batu Caves and of course no more penguin suit! 

I just want u know that I can live without you here. Thank God I still have Lia here. She's my roomate and I've start shared everything with her, same as what I do with you..

*Start polish my grammer back..



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