Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Love You !


That is the women that I really love.
I can't live without her.
I can't breath because of her.

I Love Her!
She's my bestfriend..
She's my soul.
She's the only one always heard my story.
She's my true superwomen.

She is the great chef.
She is the hardworking tailor.
She is the good teacher.
She is the talented designer.
She is the GREAT mom!  

I call her MAK.
I save her name as MUMMY through my phone.
I always call her BONDA while bubbling as blogger.
I want her next generation call her MAMA.
So that she will be superwomen!

I Love Her!

27 July 1964,
She was born.
27 July 2011,
Will be her 47's birthday.

I don't have any expensive present.
I just have a BIG hug for you.
I just have a BIG mouth to kiss you.
I just have the BIGEST voice to tell you that I LOVE YOU!!

I Love you more than everything.
I will love you until my last breathing.
I promise..

I will be the good daughter.
I promise I will..

I will try to get highest CGPA this last semester!
I know that is your favourite present, right?

For the last word here,
I just want to say,
U are the best MUM!

Happy Birthday Mak..
May God Always Bless You..



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